Thursday, January 8, 2009


My initial reaction to this book was that it was going to be a slow book, and I couldn't get any motivation to read it, and struggled to get through the first chapter, or so. But once I plugged through it and got farther into it, I started to get into it and really like it. It has many controversies and I like how it is told in a little girls' prospective, which makes it simple and somewhat easier to read. Now that I'm getting farther into it, I'm wanting to keep reading more becuase of what's happening with Birdie's mother.

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Peter G. said...

I agree, the beginning of the book was very slow reading, but once you get past the first couple pages it starts to pick up when stuff starts happening. I think that it's good that the point of view is that of Birdie, because it makes the story more unique. Also, most of the times children have eyes for that which adults don't usually see, so there is a lot more detail described throughout the book.