Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Someone's Watching Over Me"

For my cool writing presentation, I chose to write about the song "Someone's Watching Over Me" by Hilary Duff. I chose this song becuase it comes from one of my favorite movies, Raise Your Voice. This song also has a lot of meaning behind it.

I close read it where you can take two different meanings out of it, literal and metaphorical. The metaphorical meaning is that you have lost someone, but they're always there with you, watching over you and protecting you, like your guardian angel. In the movie, Terri (played by Hilary Duff) lost her brother Paul in a car accident, and is now performing at the Bristol-Hillman Conservatory in L.A. She writes this song for him, and can now vision him watching over her as she songs this, which brings her more power and doesn't maker her as scared anymore, because she knows he is with her.
I took it in more of the metaphorical way. No matther what you're going through in your like there is always somebody watching over you when you feel alone. Whether is someone you did lose, or, like it is to me, God. I grew up in a very religious home and God was one of the biggest parts in my life. Today, I don't know where I could be if I didn't grow up with that belief, becuase everytime I'm feeling list or down, I know He is always with me.

Another major part of this some is that you can't let other people's opinions bring you down. You have to "believe in your self and follow your heart" like it says right in the some. One of my favorite quotes from the song is " It doesn't matter what people say, and it doesn't matter how long it takes, believe in yourself and you'll find, that it only matters how true you are, be true to yourself and follow your heart." This is one of my favorites becuase it's so true.


Katie B. said...

I love this song (and the movie). they are both so inspriational

Alyssa O said...

I own the movie and agree it is a very inspirational song. When you're feeling down it always makes you feel better to know someone is watching over you

Marisa said...

That movie is so good. I've seen it like ten times. The song is also really good. Sounds like a good cool writing presentation

Brittanya said...

I rented that movie on Netflicks. I could never image loosing a brother or any close family.

Shauna L said...

I also really love this movie. It's inspirational to me, because I plan on going to a music college. I want to do something with singing, or writing scores for movies... basically anything with music.
This movie is one of my favorites.
I just love the message it sends...of never giving up and always looking forward...even in the darkest of times.
Good post!

Nicole H. said...

I like your close read of the song. I also own the movie. Also the line that you pulled out of the song is so inspirational.

Ollie said...

I really love this song. I listen to it all the time. Great pic.